2018-2019 Academic Year

To inquire about more infornation about our tuition and fees for full-time boarding students, please contact admissions@aupschool.org or call 213-400-4585 to speak with our admissions coordinator.

Tuition is set at $53,000 for boarding students (includes room, board, and tuition) and for our day students, it is set at $32,650.
We have a new student fee of $100 and an enrollment fee of $200.

Tuition FAQ's

What does my tuition cover?


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What is the tuition payment schedule?


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Other than tuition, are there any additional fees?


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Are there any loan programs available?


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What are some scholarship websites I should apply too.


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Scholarship Application Tips

  • Get started early! The application cycle for many of these awards begins one year or more in advance of college enrollment.
  • Learn as much as you can about as many awards as possible.
  • You do not need to be a perfect match for the award to apply.
  • Submit a concise, professional inquiry.
  • Submit a completed application.
  • Make your search an annual cycle. Many awards may be available one year and not the next. Once you receive an award, stay informed about it to see if it is renewable.
  • Follow up. Keep copies of all correspondence.
  • Check deadlines. Double-check that your application was received.