Abishai Muthyala – IT Manager/Faculty, Computer Science

A computer program teaches you how to think” – Steve Jobs.

My name is Abishai Muthyala. I am a Computer Science teacher and IT manager at American University Preparatory School. I was born and raised in India and moved to USA in 2014. I received Bachelor in CS in India before doing a Master in Software Engineering at University of Houston CL, TX. I was hired by Cisco as a front end developer to be a part of “intelligent assistant” technology similar to Siri(apple).

Ever since I was young, I have enjoyed dabbling with computers and experimenting with different applications. I love problem solving and creativity of CS – you can make what you think, and that’s very powerful. Knowledge is power and technology is a tool for this empowerment. It will empower people to solve local issues. I am very excited about the work I am doing at AUP with technology to inspire. I would love to see our students become future tech CEOs and entrepreneurs and be a part of decision making process of the community.

Outside of work, I love to play drums, composing tracks(EDM), big fan of soccer, playing video games and sleeping (which seems to be getting rarer and rarer these days).